KSIR Fellowship

Guideline for the KSIR(Korean Society of Interventional Radiology)
International Fellowship

1. Objectives
The objectives of the fellowship are to promote clinical activity of Asian radiologists specializing in interventional radiology and to train them in Korean academic institutions. The fellowship program also aims to contribute to the distribution and improvement of interventional radiology in Asia, encouraging mutual understanding as well as scientific cooperation.
2. Administration of the Fellowship
The fellowship will be administered under the rules of KSIR International Fellowship as decided by the KSIR. KSIR will be responsible for the following matters regarding the fellowship training in Korea :

  • 1)Selection of the Participant.
  • 2)Matching the Participant with an appropriate training facility in Korea.
  • 3)Giving grant for the fellowship.
  • 4)Issue of certificate upon completion of training following submission of related report from the Participant.
3. Institutions for Clinical Training
National, public or private institutions in Korea (including universities, colleges, hospitals, laboratories etc.) which are capable of accommodating the Participant.
4. Terms and Period for Clinical Training
  • (1)The terms for clinical training and/or research shall be from 1 month to 3 months in principle.
  • (2)The period of clinical training and/or research shall not be altered in principle.
  • (3)The Participant must start the training in their applicable year.
  • (4)The due date for the application is May 24th every year and applicants are given an official notification from KSIR the following June.
  • (5)Prerequisite: The Participant must attend the annual IICIR (International Intensive Course of Interventional Radiology)
    meeting prior to or during their fellowship year.
    Notification of upcoming IICIR meeting is posted on the KSIR website.
    Note: 2014 IICIR will be held in Seoul next year (Feb 17th ~ 21th).
5. Field of Clinical Training and/or Research
Clinical training and/or research shall be in the field of interventional radiology.
6. Requirements of Participant
  • (1)Age: Participant must be at or under 40 years of age.
  • (2)Career: Participant must have graduated from medical colleges with sufficient training and experience in radiology. and experience in radiology.
  • (3)Language: Participant must be able to communicate fluently in English to enable them to complete the clinical training.
    Note: Any document/certificate acknowledging the applicant’s level of proficiency in English (e.g. TOEFL or TOEIC scores) may be of benefit to the applicant during the selection process.
7. Duties of Participant
  • (1) During the period of clinical training, Participant must obey Korean law, should cooperate with teachers and related personnel, and should make every effort to achieve the objectives of the fellowship.
  • (2) On completion of fellowship training, every Participant is required submit a related report to the KSIR office at their earliest convenience.
  • (3) Immediately after their training, all Participants must leave Korea for their home country where they are expected to contribute to the general improvement of interventional radiology.
8. Grant for Recipient
The visiting fellow will receive a grant from KSIR which includes minimum cost of living (30,000 KRW per day for 90 days) and air-fare. Regarding air fare, KSIR will reimburse economy class seats only, as specified on the electronic ticket, up to a maximum of 1,000,000 KRW. If expenses for air fare exceed the maximum limit, the Participant may submit a letter addressed to the KSIR office to state the reason for additional costs. Justification of surplus charges will be decided by KSIR faculty who will convene to discuss the matter. KSIR is entitled to make decisions regarding surplus charges. Additional surcharge such as bag charges, surplus fares for cabin upgrades, and fees resulting from changes in the flight itinerary will not be reimbursed. Some hospitals have their own guest house that can accommodate visiting fellows while others may not. The Participant is fully responsible for making arrangements for his/her accommodation in advance.
9. Documents for submission
  • Application form
  • Cover letter (letter of self-introduction)
  • Recommendation letters from two renowned professors who know the applicant well (should include comments on the applicant’s level of proficiency in English).